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The voice almost hoarse, gives his own impatience. Language plays a ring, one hand holding my back, the other strokes that it ... I lower hog, clinging to his shoulders, or on the legs do not hold, because the knees podgibayutsya. Breathing through time and delayed ... Slowly, terribly slowly lowered his lips to my waist, lost track of time, of the existence of the world outside is forgotten at all, it is completely uninteresting to us. When Lars finally returned to my face and clings to his lips it seems like an eternity. I entwine his legs and arms and gave a wave of mad desire, once again mentally promising that will not let him so long to tease me. But Lars, and then manages to delay the crucial moment. By the time when we were both still covers the latest wave passes another eternity. What are they for many, these eternity, especially at the end! But I do not mind, because the enthusiastic expectation of the blessed moments and a desire to have an orgasm is not worse than most of orgasm. - Do not you dare close your eyes!
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- What? - Stunning passion, I almost did not hear, and think straight and less. - Look at me when you finish. - What for? - I really do not understand. - Look in my eyes! - He almost growls, and I obediently stare at his steel whirlpools. No, I'm drowning in them, seeing nothing around, giving body to the will of mad desire and soul to these gray eyes. I seem to cry, but I do not care, even if they start to break down the door attracted my grandmother screaming or Britt. Nothing around not exist, other than steel eye and the body. My own left, it dissolved like wax in a candle flame, no fire roaring in a huge fire. I melted, burned down completely, but vozrozhus like a bird phoenix, this is not the first time. Benefit from fantastic savings on adult chat , just by taking a look at . Lars on the shoulder of the marks of my fingers, but it's a small injury, if he did not make eye contact, I think I managed to do it bite. - For ... why do you make me look in your eyes? - I? - He seems surprised at the question. - I do not know, I just want you to belong to me whole - body and soul. - I already belong.

- Shut up ... We stand under the stream of water coming to himself. After a while I feel like Lars reawakens desire. Insanely tired, but the thought of a possible repetition makes shake all go inside, I understand that, it is worth it to start again, I am delighted to support this initiative. And there is.- On the carpet! - Yeah - I'm not against the carpet and floor ... - You're the top. - Lars ... - A coward?

Ah well?! Well, hold on, I have not lost the skills of a Christmas night, when Lars fulfilled desire to receive as a gift "under the Christmas tree" ... rape. You want another one? I am quite capable of it rape if he does not mind, of course. Lars "for" both hands and ... many more than. - Do not you dare close your eyes! - I'm so easily ... - I almost plaintively food, so I really easier. - I want to see your insane mind when you end. You're so good at this moment! He flashed the thought that he manages to still something to notice, but it was immediately expels a new wave of mad desire to think I'm not capable. Top so on, and let him look all you like! He taught himself behind a closed bedroom door to listen to your body, not puritanical moral standards. Since Lars mercilessly destroyed my own tight cocoon of moral prohibitions, and all sorts of false modesty, each of our sex has become a plague, it's a blast, razing the roof a couple of times a day. I no longer need to run to lose weight. Без порно и секс элементов, Эротика и порнуха запрещены, Проститутки лохушки отсутствуют.

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